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Vijay Gupta

Have you ever think of becoming financially free without worrying about working for money and Do what you love and always wanted to do? You get all of with EaseMySavings. A blog that’s all about ease your savings and finances in place to a Ultimate goal of millions of people all around the world achieve Financial freedom.

Hi, I’m Vijay Gupta.  By education software engineer having worked for 12 yrs in IT industry with Big MNCs. My goal is to help all the people who want to come out of the rat race and start doing what they have always dreamed.

But, as case many of you are having, so with me that we can’t because we have responsibility about our family, parents. So here I will share how I planned my finances along with my Job and achieved all my goals in 4 yrs.

It was the year 2010, when I started my Personal Finance Journey. Since then I have helped not only my family and relatives but more 250 people to work towards better future and achieve their goals.

I will talk all the practical solutions which I have done myself as well and I decided that I will share whatever Personal Finance knowledge I have with me like Complete guide to become financially free, start your own online business along with your Job without having any idea, live the life with full enjoyment.

I started helping my software friends and Colleagues in managing their finances well, when I was working in software industry. I shared all my knowledge with them to work towards their goal and achieve what truly matters most is Financial Freedom and start your own Entrepreneurship Journey.

Since I came from middle class baniya family, I learned managing my finances from my childhood. My upbringing helped me, how to plan your finances well so that you don’t need to be dependent on others.

I always believe in balancing all aspect of life whether it is Health, Wealth, Relationship and Spirituality. We should always make the balancing approach. While managing finances, one should feel frugal living, below your means etc. And most importantly Honest to Yourself!

Since, then I have been sharing all my personal finance experiences to the world with EaseMySavings.

My goal is help you Plan very well, so that you can be proud to yourself that you planned.

I have been featured in CNBCAawaj Business News Channels program Get Rich with Aashka on Personal Finance.


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